Ascent Actions Overview

Actions are the mechanism that instruct Ascent to perform operations. The currently supported actions are:

  • add_scenes : adds a list of scenes to create images
  • add_extracts: adds a list of extracts to move data out of Ascent
  • add_pipelines : adds a list of pipelines to transform mesh data
  • add_queries : adds a list of queries that evaluate expressions
  • add_triggers : adds a list of triggers that executes a set of actions based on a condition

Ascent actions can be specified within the integration using Conduit Nodes and can be read in through a file. Actions files can be defined in both json or yaml, and if you are human, we recomend using yaml. Each time Ascent executes a set of actions, it will check for a file in the current working directory called ascent_actions.json or ascent_actions.yaml. If found, the current actions specified in code will be replaced with the contents of the json file. Then default name of the ascent actions file can be specified in the ascent_options.json or in the ascent options inside the simulation integration.

Here is an example of an ascent actions json file:


    "action": "add_scenes",
            "type": "pseudocolor",
            "field": "zonal_noise"

The equivelent yaml is

  action: "add_scenes"
          type: "pseudocolor"
          field: "braid"

A full example of actions files populated from Ascent’s test suite can be found in Ascent Actions Examples.