Ascent and its dependencies are under rapid development. Because of this we recommend using our develop branch, which we aim to keep buildable via continuous integration testing. See our Quick Start Guide for info on how to build Ascent and its dependencies.

Source distributions for Ascent are hosted on github:



(Extracted from Ascent’s Changelog)


  • Added support to render multiple topologies in the same scene.
  • Added a Data Object construct to the main Ascent runtime to easily manage transformations between in-memory mesh representations.


  • Issue where cycle was not properly propagated when converting mfem data.
  • Cinema issue where zoom was applied additively each cycle to oblivion.
  • Cinema issue where cameras were not following the center of the data set.



(Extracted from Ascent’s Changelog)


  • Added new Tutorial Content including C++, Python, and Python-based Jupyter Notebook examples.
  • Added docs for Queries and Triggers
  • Added a Jupyter Extract that provides interactive Python Notebook access to published mesh data. See the related Cloverleaf Demo.
  • Deprecated the execute and reset actions. ascent.execute(actions) now implicitly resets and execute the Ascent actions. To maintain a degree of backwards compatibility, using execute and reset are still passable to ascent.execute(actions). Internally, the internal data flow network will only be rebuilt when the current actions differ from the previously executed actions. Note: this only occurs when the Ascent runtime object is persistent between calls to ascent.execute(actions).
  • Added support for YAML ascent_actions and ascent_options files. YAML files are much easier for humans to compose
  • Add a relative offset option to the Slice filter.


  • Several improvements to Ascent’s Expression infrastructure.
  • Updated our uberenv-based to use a 2019/11 version of spack develop.
  • Improved Python error handling and propagation.
  • Updated Docker example to build with Jupyter Notebook support.
  • Updated to VTK-m 1.5.0 and associated VTK-h.
  • Imposed necessary static build constraints for cuda support.


  • Several minor bug fixes


The fourth release of Ascent.


The third release of Ascent.


The second release of Ascent.


The initial release of Ascent.